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This five-year interdisciplinary programme of research will use modern mathematical methods from probability theory, advanced Monte Carlo methods and inverse problems to develop novel approaches to the theory and application of radiation transport. We will pursue an interactive exploration of foundational, translational and application-driven research; developing predictive models with quantifiable accuracy and software prototypes, ready for real-world implementation in the energy, health care and space exploration nuclear industries. This programme grant will unite complementary research groups from mathematics, engineering and medical physics, leading to sustained critical mass in academic knowledge and expertise. Through a diverse team of postdocs and researchers, we will lead advances in radiation modelling that are disruptive to the current paradigm, ensuring that the UK is at the forefront of the 21st century nuclear industry.

Application Areas

Nuclear engineering

The design of new plants and decommissioning of existing power stations takes us to a sustainable energy future.

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New medical treatments such as proton beam therapy are addressing the need for treatments of difficult cancers while minimising the damage to surrounding tissues.

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Space technologies

The UK space industry is undergoing rapid expansion and needs developments e.g. for shielding of satellites and astronauts, power sources for extraterrestrial bases and nuclear-powered space exploration

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Work and study with us:

The grant will see us develop a hub of research leadership in the field of radiation transport for the UK that will span the energy, healthcare and space sectors. It will initially be home to around 10 postdocs and 10 PhDs for the five-year duration of the programme grant and our aspiration is to ensure that this is just the beginning of a bright and longer-term future for MaThRad.




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