2nd MathRad Clinical Workshop, 8 November 2023

Organisers: Sarah Osman, Ana Lourenco, Tristan Pryer and Colin Baker Building on the success of the first MaThRad Clinical Workshop, we were delighted to host the second MaThRad Clinical Workshop on the 8 November 2023  at Bushy House, within the grounds of the National Physical Laboratory.  This wo

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MaThRad Reactor Physics Workshop

Part of the Jacobs/ANSWERS Seminar 2023 18 – 19 May 2023 The MaThRad team were delighted contribute to the 2023 ANSWERS Seminar – an annual meeting for ANSWERS customers and staff associated with the development and use of ANSWERS software. MaThRad hosted two days of workshops which focussed o

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1st MaThRad Clinical Workshop

9 Feb, 9:00 to 10 Feb, 17:30 Friends House, London, UK The first MaThRad clinical workshop invited internal and external speakers to present ideas and concepts from their respective disciplines to promote discussions between clinical scientists, nuclear engineers and mathematicians, with the idea

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