MaThRad explores research opportunities with the UK Atomic Energy Authority

In May 2024, members of the MaThRad team joined colleagues from the research teams at UKAEA Fusion research to explore initial connections and synergies, and look for possible future collaboration opportunity.

Agenda and presentation slides (where available)

James Buchanan, Head of Plasma Simulation Group,  UKAEA Welcome and Introduction to Fusion Download Slides
Alex Valentine, Senior Nuclear Radiation Analyst, Applied Radiation Technology, Technology Division, UKAEA The Monte Carlo Method in Fusion Neutronics Applications Download Slides
Andy Davis, Head of Advanced Engineering Simulation, UKAEA Overview of Fusion Neutronics and links with Multiphysics  
Theophile Bonnet, MaThRad Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Cambridge Space-time correlations in diffusion models with prompt and delayed birth-and-death events Coming soon
Ander Gray, UKAEA and Yiming Yang, UCL Variance Reduction Methods for Nuclear Data Uncertainty Propagation Download Slides
James Cook and Stefan Mijin UKAEA team, ExCALIBUR-NEPTUNE grantees The NEPTUNE Edge and Divertor Modelling Project Download Slides (NEPTUNE Edge)
Download Slides (Divertor Modelling Project)
Lee Evitts, Neutronics Scientist, UKAEA Applications and Methods in the Analysis of Fusion Neutronics Download Slides
Valeria Raffuzzi, MaThRad Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Cambridge Application of the Random Ray Method to Global Variance Reduction in Radiation Shielding Problems Coming Soon


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