Daniel is a PhD student at the University of Bath, working on quantifying the personalised impact of physical and biological uncertainties in radiotherapy treatment planning. His research is jointly supervised by Tristan Pryer from the University of Bath and Mohammad Hussein (NPL), Ana Lourenco (NPL), and Catharine Clark (UCLH). The goal of the project is to help produce more personalised, thus safer radiotherapy treatment plans, by incorporating key patient-specific uncertainties, whether physical or biological.

Daniel received his Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Eötvös Loránd University in 2021. Throughout his undergraduate studies he developed an interest in radiation in medicine, leading him to pursue a Master’s degree at Budapest University of Technology, specialising in Medical Physics. His thesis focused on the further development of PET image reconstruction software. Daniel is also interested in analytical modelling, inverse problems and Monte Carlo simulations.

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