Mathematics for Imaging in Radiotherapy

Mathematics for Imaging in Radiotherapy
Mikaël Simard,
University College London


Proton beam therapy (PBT) is a new radiotherapy modality which aims to maximise dose deposition in tumours, while sparing surrounding healthy tissues. Unfortunately, benefits of PBT come with the cost of low robustness against uncertainties. The well-localised, high dose region may shift to an undesirable location if beam range is inaccurately estimated. Nowadays, uncertainties can be managed with advanced imaging modalities such as spectral computed tomography or fast proton imaging. This talk will focus on the mathematical challenges – and solutions – that are met when developing novel imaging solutions for PBT.

Image of Dr Mikael Simard
About Mikaël

Mikaël holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics from École Polytechnique de Montréal. He has pursued graduate studies in quantitative imaging for radiotherapy, completing a MSc in Medical Physics at McGill University on magnetisation transfer MRI and a PhD at  Université de Montréal on the use of multi-energy computed tomography for radiotherapy applications. In 2021, he joined University College London as a Marie-Curie postdoctoral research fellow, where he has been working on novel image reconstruction methods for integrated mode proton radiographs.


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