Latest publications and preprints

By Cassiano Antonio Bortolozo, Tatiana Sussel Gonçalves Mendes, Harideva Marturano Egas, Daniel Metodiev, Maiconn Vinicius de Moraes, Marcio Roberto Magalhães de Andrade, Tristan Pryer, Ben Ashby, Mariana Ferreira Benessiuti Motta, Silvio Jorge Coelho Simões, Luana Albertani Pampuch, Rodolfo Moreda Mendes, Marcio Augusto Ernesto de Moraes

Enhancing landslide predictability: Validating geophysical surveys for soil moisture detection in 2D and 3D scenarios

Journal of South American Earth Sciences Volume 132. December 2023

By Oliver Tough

Scaling limit of the Fleming–Viot MultiColor process

The Annals of Probability. 51 (6) 2345 - 2386, November 2023

By Emma Horton, Andreas Kyprianou

Stochastic Neutron Transport and Non-Local Branching Markov Processes

ISBN 978-3-031-39545-1, November 2023

By Abdolreza Amiri, Gabriel R. Barrenechea, Tristan Pryer

A nodally bound-preserving finite element method for reaction-convection-diffusion equations

Preprint, November 2023

By Alexander M. G. Cox, Laura Hattam, Andreas E. Kyprianou, Tristan Pryer

A Bayesian Inverse Approach to Proton Therapy Dose Delivery Verification

Preprint, November 2023

By Colin J Cotter, Darryl D Holm and Tristan Pryer

Singular solutions of the r-Camassa–Holm equation

Nonlinearity, Volume 36, Number 11. October 2023

By Wai-Tong Louis Fan, Oliver Tough

Quasi-stationary behavior of the stochastic FKPP equation on the circle

Preprint, September 2023

By Gabriel R Barrenechea, Emmanuil H Georgoulis, Tristan Pryer, Andreas Veeser

A nodally bound-preserving finite element method

IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, drad055, August 2023

By Simon C Harris, Emma Horton, Andreas E Kyprianou, Minmin Wang

Yaglom limit for critical nonlocal branching markov processes

The Annals of Probability, 50(6): 2373-2408, November 2022

By Simon C. Harris, Emma Horton, Ellen Powell, Andreas E. Kyprianou

Many-to-few for non-local branching Markov process

Preprint, November 2022

By Alexander M. G. Cox, Emma Horton, Denis Villemonais

Binary branching processes with Moran type interactions

Preprint, July 2022

By Isaac Gonzalez, Emma Horton & Andreas E. Kyprianou

Asymptotic moments of spatial branching processes

Probability Theory and Related Fields, Volume 184, pages 805–858, April 2022

By Alexander M.G. Cox, Simon C. Harris, Andreas E. Kyprianou, Minmin Wang

Monte-Carlo Methods for the Neutron Transport Equation

Preprint, October 2021

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