Nuclear engineering

Radiation Transport Modelling sits at the heart of the design, regulation, and operation of some of the most important nuclear technologies in the 21st century including the building of new reactors and decommissioning old ones. However, many of the existing radiation transport modelling approaches were pioneered in the UK in the early days of nuclear power and unfortunately, these activities have received insufficient continued attention in the last few decades. Now is the time to bring together interdisciplinary communities from Engineering, Mathematical Sciences and Industry to revive this much-needed research area of radiation transport as the world struggles with issues of climate change and energy security.

MaThRad’s interdisciplinary programme of research combines modern mathematical methods from probability theory, advanced Monte Carlo methods and inverse problems to develop novel approaches to the theory and application of radiation transport. We are uniting complementary research groups and industrial experts to build a critical mass in academic knowledge and expertise to lead advances in Radiation Modelling to ensure that the UK is at the forefront of the 21st century nuclear industry.

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