Innovation Internship – Aurora Health Physics Services

We are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for a UK-based PhD student to undertake an Innovation Internship with MaThRad partner Aurora Health Physics Services (Aurora), one of the UK’s leading Radiation Protection Advisers.

About Aurora Health Physics Services
Aurora provides a range of radiological protection services including radiation monitoring of soil, aiding land cleanup from previous radioactive contamination. Their work ensures safe handling and disposal of radioactive materials.

Job Description
Aurora and MaThRad are seeking a researcher to study how ground properties influence monitoring results using their AuroraRadMap (ARM) and Gamma Eye systems. This project involves analysing existing data and creating experiments to reveal key factors affecting the systems’ outcomes.

Your Role
You’ll analyse data and conduct experiments to understand the impact of ground conditions and radioactive material distribution on monitoring outcomes. This could involve practical tests with soil samples or theoretical simulations using MCNP software. Your findings will help create an algorithm to tailor detection limits for various sites, enhancing accuracy.

Why It Matters
Your work will lead to:

• Improved reporting of ARM survey results, considering diverse ground conditions and radioactive distribution. This ensures better safety measures during excavations.
• Enhanced reporting of Gamma Eye monitoring outcomes, factoring in ground variations and radioactive distribution, for precise material disposal decisions.
• More accurate reporting of errors in ARM and Gamma Eye results, leading to better-informed decisions.

This is a great opportunity to make meaningful impact on radiation monitoring and land remediation, as well as a chance to put your technical and research skills to work within a commercially focused environment.

Further details and how to apply

This is a paid opportunity, for a period of 3 months. The start date is flexible and will be agreed once a candidate has been successfully appointed.
To apply please send a copy of you CV and a covering letter to
Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview.

For further details on the project, or if you have any further questions please email

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