Sarah Osman

Sarah is a Clinical Scientist working as a SABR and Imaging Trials Physicist at University College London Hospitals and for the National Radiotherapy Trials QA (RTTQA). She previously worked as a senior Clinical Scientist at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust (Nov2020-April2022) and as research fellow at Queens University Belfast where she was also a member of the advanced radiotherapy group at the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre working on several projects related to clinical trials (Jan2015-Oct2020).


Her work focuses on the implementation of novel radiotherapy techniques in the clinic, the optimization of treatment planning for radiotherapy, multivariate modelling, and advanced image analysis. Her research also involves the discovery and validation of novel imaging bio markers which presents a key strategic development area, bringing together state-of-the art machine learning and image analysis with non-invasive biomarkers of disease progression feeding into personalised medicine.


Sarah is the Medical Physics lead of the MaThRad EPSRC programme grant. As part of this role, Sarah will be working within a multidisciplinary team to integrate new mathematical prospective into the field of radiation transport and modelling in radiotherapy. This will be done through the development and testing of competitive optimization techniques for proton therapy as well as for heavy ion therapy.

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