Usman Ladan is currently a PhD student in the Department of Statistics at the University of Warwick, working under the joint supervision of Andreas Kyprianou, Emma Horton and Adam Johansen. His research interests lie in the areas of stochastic processes, stochastic analysis, branching processes and Monte Carlo methods. His PhD work focuses on the modelling and simulation of neutron transport within nuclear reactors. Together with his supervisors, he will be understanding existing nuclear algorithms through a sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) framework in order to derive new SMC based algorithms with increased efficiency and performance.

Prior to joining Warwick, Usman completed his MMath in Mathematics at the University of Oxford in 2023. His master’s thesis, entitled “On the Hydrodynamic Limits of Stochastic Resetting Models”, was supervised by Prof. Julien Berestycki. It focused on N-particle branching Brownian motion systems with spatial selection, analysing the limits of the systems’ empirical measures as their population sizes grew to infinity.

Outside of academic work, Usman has keen interests in film and television, with a particular affinity for sci-fi fantasy. He also enjoys playing music on both classical guitar and drums, and likes taking part in the sport of rowing when he has the chance.


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