Victor is a researcher specialising in the theory of Stochastic Processes as well as Renewal Theory, the theory of excursions from a set, and Markov Processes Theory.

Since 2005 Victor has worked in the Centro de Investigación en Matematicas (CIMAT) in Guanajuato, Mexico. He has held the positions of Head of the Probability and Statistics Group, Director of Postgraduate Studies and has taught Probability and Stochastic Processes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. More recently, he served as the Head of CIMAT, working to maximise the impact of the Centre either towards the general progress of mathematics and the development of other disciplines, or towards the public and private sectors to practically solve problems and to improve the mathematical knowledge in society.

Victor is currently spending a sabbatical year in the Department of Statistics in the University of Warwick, and working with Andreas Kyprianou, the MaThRad team and other associated colleagues on numerous projects pertaining to the theory of self- similar Markov processes and Markov additive processes. In addition, Victor and his colleagues aim to begin some new work in the domain of spatial branching processes as well as related problems concerning spatial genealogical properties and associated Monte-Carlo simulation.

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